Using an IPad or Android tablet to help you tell a Bible story

Free Bible story images on an iPad

Free Bible story images on an iPad or Android are just one-click away.

Tablet devices are great for viewing Bible story pictures and allowing parents or teachers to tell the story as children watch and listen.
But how can you get Bible story pictures onto your iPad?

It’s simple with a wi-fi connected tablet. Just visit and select the story you want to tell.
In the top menu you can click on the PDF icon to download the file (but most tablets will allow you to download and view PowerPoint if you prefer and iPads also show Keynote files). The title page of the story displays on your tablet. Simply swipe upwards on the screen to reveal the next picture as you tell the story.

You can prepare your story from the Bible reference on the title slide (or you can download a story planner PDF for each story on

If you are teaching a large group you can purchase a lead that will allow you to connect a projector to your tablet device.  There are also leads for connecting to large TV screens. Just remember you are only ever one-click away from free images that will help you tell the wonderful stories from the Bible that help us understand God and ourselves.

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