A Story Time Line


Children assembling a story time line in Tanzania

Every Thursday, out in the open air in a rundown Police Housing Compound in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa, between one and two hundred children gather. Why? To hear Bible stories, sing and have fun.

It it just one of the ministries missionaries Steve and Gill Davies have started in this region.
‘For many years we have scratched around for quality images to illustrate the stories,’ they write, ‘how wonderful that we have been introduced to the Freebibleimages website.’ Being outside, and without electricity, they cannot use Powerpoint but download images, then print and laminate them to hold up. Sometimes they have children holding the pictures so they can see the storyline. They report, ‘Two weeks ago when we told the story of the crucifixion they sat spellbound. Last week we told about the resurrection…what a triumph!’

A story time line is a great idea. Some teachers place a line of string across the classroom then peg each image to the line as they tell the story. Alternatively you can tack images to a wall. The pictures can then be used to discuss the story afterwards.

1 thought on “A Story Time Line

  1. I spent a memorable time in Tanzania many years ago and those memories live on on my heart. I was with a church group and belonged to The Abraham Discipleship School. We travelled to mwanza and took a bus through the Serengeti to Igoma and numerous other villages. I will never forget that awesome experience and have prayed for years, that God would make a way for me to return … One day. The people were friendly and generous… The chdren were fun loving and affectionate. What a blessing it was.
    May God bless your work and send His provision and protection.
    Please pray that God will open a door for me to return …..
    Judy Lloyd

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