Revealing Pictures

Hidden Treasure

Reverend Malcolm MacKinnon tells the Parable of the Hidden Treasure

Artist and Reverend, Malcolm MacKinnon, (Big Malc) did some of the early work on the very first FreeBibleimages. He then moved from the UK with his wife Donna to work with kids and youth at Trinity Church, Felton, in California. Malcolm has a great gift for telling Bible stories while drawing and revealing pictures as he narrates. He has posted videos of some of these on his new web site. Do take a look and see how Malcolm uses artwork and great Bible story-telling to captivate those he is teaching.

Online Advent Calendar


Paul Higgins of Dart Design in the UK has created this wonderful online Christmas Calendar for FreeBibleimages. As you open each window the story of Christmas unfolds. Please share the links on your social media. There are two versions of the Advent calendar:

Date unlimited: (You can open all the windows).

Date limited: (You can’t open a window before the correct date).

What a creative way to teach the Christmas story. Thanks Paul.

Artist David Garibaldi paints live!


You have just got to watch the video how how this was created in minutes.

This video of artist David Garibaldi painting live is well worth watching. What a great talent and such an impact on his audience. With just a few brush strokes on a large canvas he amazes people with his art. Just click here to see him at work.

It just goes to prove that pictures can talk louder than words.