The best story plots – the Bible has them all

Writing on the wall

The writing is on the wall

According to author Christopher Booker, from the Bible to the modern day blockbuster and from Homer to Homer Simpson, there have only been seven enduring story plots. In this blog we take a look at what they are and encounter some famous Biblical examples.

1.  Overcoming the Monster
The classic good guy beats bad guy against the odds. Even Rocky Balboa’s triumphs dwindle in comparison to David the young shepherd vs Goliath the warrior Philistine.

2. Rags to Riches
Audiences were enamoured with the ghetto to the stars tale of Slumdog Millionaire but the original rags to riches story was Joseph’s from the pit to the palace, and from prisoner to Egyptian ruler.

3. The Quest
If you thought Peter Jackon’s Lord of the Ring’s quest was long enough, this was nothing on the Israelites 40 years in the desert before they reached the Promised Land.

4. Voyage and Return
Finding Nemo’s voyage seems to go pretty swimmingly in comparison to Paul’s missionary journeys.

5. Comedy
If you thought Toy Story was far fetched you would not believe the true comedy of Gideon’s 300 men with clay pots and torches defeating 120,000 dumbfounded Midianites!

6. Tragedy
Romeo and Juliet may have a tragic ending but the writing was on the wall for Belteshazzar and villians like Haman and Ahab.

7. Re-Birth
Even Clark Kent’s caped transformation is not a patch on Saul’s conversion, Matthew’s discipleship and of course, the ultimate re-birth: Jesus’ Resurrection.

So when you next tell a great story from the Bible remember you are relating a real-life story that is better than any Hollywood script writer could dream up. Get excited about it, relive the drama, build the tension and leave the ending to God.