Who learns most from a Bible story?

Widow and Judge

Models of the Judge and Persistent Widow

We were sent some photos by Maureen Chivers of two large figures made by her class after being taught the parable of the Persistent Widow using FreeBibleimages. Having made these figures, the children then retold and reenacted the story using the models.

Maureen knows the value of reinforcing the events of a Bible story by asking learners to creatively express what they have learned. This can be done in many ways –  drama, creative writing, movement and song to list a few.

Who learns most from a story? That’s obvious really. The story teller will read it, perform it, think about it and apply it. The story teller will never forget it! So if the story teller can find ways for listeners to express the story in their words and think through its meaning, it becomes a memorable event for them too.