The Art of Story Telling

‘You could have heard a pin drop!’ That’s the expression Janet from the USA used  in describing how she had used Free Bible images to teach 60 children (aged 7-11) the parable of the Great Feast.

Can you hear a pin drop?

Can you hear a pin drop?

It reminded me of an attention grabbing method a teacher used to get children sitting quietly before being told a story. He would hold a pin up, put one hand behind his ear listening intently and drop the pin to the ground. He would then shake his head and say, ‘I can’t start the story until I hear a pin drop.’ The pin up was held up again. Children would stop what they were doing and listen with him. The pin was dropped but the teacher would shake his head again. ‘I still can’t hear the pin drop’ he would whisper.

He would suggest the children put down anything in their hands, fold their arms and sit as still as they could. The pin was lifted high once more as every child strained to hear the sound of it hitting the floor. When he had everybody’s full attention the teacher would drop the pin and then immediately launch into the opening of the story.

2 thoughts on “The Art of Story Telling

  1. Pin drop is very good,(I was a student at an all girls Catholic School) St. Theresa Convent Monrovia, Liberia West Africa. Presently, living in the USA,

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