Story telling: To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’?

When telling a Bible story using PowerPoint or Keynote should you keep the presentation running all the time? What if you need to make eye contact while your audience are looking at the screen? Good teachers don’t tell Bible stories, they perform them. So how can you get people eyes focused on your expressions and gestures?
Free BeeWhat about the times you want to make an important point, ask a question or answer a question. Should you keep an image on screen as you do this?
Once you have a presentation running in PowerPoint or Keynote, just hit the ‘B’ key to blank out the screen temporarily. You can resume the presentation by hitting the ‘B’ key at any time. The ‘W’ key is an alternative if you want to turn the screen to white rather than black.
This means you can set a FreeBibleimages Powerpoint or Keynote file into play mode and then hit the ‘B’ key so the screen is blank when people first enter the room. When you are ready to tell the Bible story just press ‘B’ to display the first image. Anytime you need their eyes back on you use the ‘B’ key to divert their attention from the images.
In PowerPoint you can use the period key instead of the ‘B’ key if you prefer. Keynote allows you to press the ‘B’ key to blank the screen but any key to resume the slideshow.  To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’? – that is the question.

2 thoughts on “Story telling: To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’?

  1. Just found this site and I can truly say, it is overwhelming but fantastic. A huge blessing! Thank you, very much for helping us teach children Bible truths.

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